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The International Painting and Calligraphy Art Competition

--the mountain and the ocean


    "What you love is separated from mountains and seas, and mountains and seas can be flattened", the 2023 Mountain and Sea (the ocean and mountain) International Painting and Calligraphy Art Competition, organized by the US-China Artists Association, After hosting the 2020 U.S.-China Calligraphy and Painting Art Cloud Exhibition and the 2021 U.S.-China International Student Literary Works Competition, it is the third major international competition to be held. Supported by the City of West Covina, CA.


    Throughout the ages, art has always carried the mission of expanding human civilization, and artists have always used creativity to soothe people and lighten hope. The U.S.-China Artists Association hopes that through this competition, artists will be encouraged to create with their heart, convey beauty with pen and ink, express love, impress the world, and create dreams.



US-China Artists Association


Certificate of Walnut


Certificate of West Covina



Support media:

​China News Network

World Wide Web People's Art

People's Art Network

Network China Today

Cultural Travel China

China Cultural Industry Network


Phoenix America Network



One first prize of 2,000 US dollars,

Two second prizes of 1,000 US dollars, 

Four third prizes of 500 US dollars,

10 Excellence Awards of $200,

The above winners will be awarded certificates, and outstanding works will be published in the media.


Competition Rules:

1) Only for painting and calligraphy works 

2) Participants must be at least 21 years old

3) Add works and personal introduction within 100 words

4) Works are limited to mailing

5) Works must be framed by themselves

6) Competition works will not be returned

Competing Schedule;

1) Start time 5/1/2023

2) Deadline 5/1/2024

3) Awards Announcement and Awards Time 6/1/2024


Recipient address:

1) China 

Room 206, Building 5, No. 168, Jixin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Recipient: June Guo

Phone:+86 21 64777870

2) United States

20803 Valley Blvd Ste 111-112.

Walnut CA 91789 USA




1) The final right of interpretation belongs to the US-China Artists Association;

2) Contact information: email only:

3) For more event information, please follow: Website: 

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